Microspot, Ashlar-Vellum Release Spotlight Plug-ins For CAD Apps

CAD software developers Microspot and Ashlar-Vellum on Tuesday released plug-ins that use Mac OS X v10.4is Spotlight feature to find files generated by their MacDraft and Graphite applications, respectively. Microspotis plug-in is part of its MacDraft 5.5.7 Professional and Personal Editions updates. Itis free for owners of MacDraft 5.5 or higher, and it offers bug fixes as well as performance improvements under Mac OS X v10.3.

Ashlar-Vellumis Graphite plug-in is a stand-alone release that automatically indexes Graphite files and extracts their metadata information as soon as itis installed and put to work. The free plug-in also extracts all the text from a Graphite file and places it in a block of searchable text. It works with Graphite 6 and 7 files. Ashlar-Vellum also said that in the second quarter it will release a Spotlight plug-in for its Cobalt, Xenon and Argon 3D integrated solid and surface modeling applications.