Microspot Shipping New Imaging Utility Package

Microspot Ltd. is shipping a new utility package titled Microspot Photo Tools. The Microspot Photo Tools CD ships with three imaging utilities including PhotoXtra and PhotoFix. The utilities are designed for digital image manipulation and management. According to Microspot Ltd:

Microspot Ltd, developer of 2D and 3D graphics and media management applications and printer/plotter drivers, has announced the new combined digital media management, photo-editing and print utility package, Microspot Photo Tools CD for Macintosh OS X.

Microspot Photo Tools CD contains the recently updated applications PhotoXtra, PhotoFix and PrintmiX, making it a complete package for organising, storing, editing and printing various types of digital images. The package also includes 100 royalty free images.

With PhotoXtra, you are able to store, organise and present digital files and data collected from the digital cameras, scanners, websites, CD-ROMs and other sources.

PhotoFix is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use editing program that has tools and palettes that allow retouching, masking, cloning, airbrushing and more to enhance images and produce artwork with professional results.

PrintmiX allows you to select, arrange and print your images on a single sheet of paper. Images from iPhoto™ or other files can be dragged and dropped directly into portrait or landscape panes together on a single layout page.

You can find more information about the Microspot Photo Tools release at the Microspot Ltd. Web site. The Microspot Photo Tools CD is available for US$79.00.