Microspot Ships 3D Interior Modeler For OS X

Microspot Ltd. is shipping version 3.4 of Micropspot Interiors for OS X. Microspot Interiors is a utility designed for creating 3D interiors for arrangement and modeling. The app features furniture library sets and access to the online Interiors Users Area for expanded application support. According to Microspot Ltd:

Microspot Ltd, developers of 2D and 3D graphics and media management applications, have announced the release of the download version of Microspot Interiors 3.4 for the Macintosh OS X.

In the downloadable version, users will receive the Interiors 3.4 application and a basic set of Furniture Libraries to download immediately.

For the complete set of Furniture Libraries, Microspot have also introduced an Interiors User Area online. This area enables download users to access the entire set of all Furniture Libraries which are divided into groups and can be easily downloaded as needed.

Accessible to all OS X Interiors users, the Interiors User Area also contains a helpful guide with simple step-by-step instructions on how to build a room and add furniture. In addition, the Interiors User Area will include a Library of the Month, featuring various types of furniture as well as completed rooms to download.

You can find more information about the Microspot Interiors for OS X release at the Microspot Ltd. Web site. Microspot Interiors is available for US$116.10.