Migilia Announces HarmonyAudio

Miglia Technologyis HarmonyAudio is a new an external FireWire audio unit that allows users to record their musical instrument or take audio from any analogue source straight into GarageBand, LogicAudio, LogicExpress or any other Core Audio application.

HarmonyAudio requires no software driver installation and works straight out of the box with a guitar, bass, keyboard, or microphone. Two analog line-ins and eight analog line-outs allow one to play their instrument through HarmonyAudio and out of a SRS 7.1 system. The FireWire bus-powered unit also features Migiliais SoftClip technology, which prevents digital clipping and retains the authenticity of the analogue audio stream.

HarmomyAudio will ship in January and is available for pre-order now for $299 (?220 or ?179) with a two-year warranty.