Miglia Announces TVMini Express TV, USB Tuner [UPDATED]

Miglia announced on Thursday the immediate availability of the TVMini Express, an inexpensive USB TV tuner for users in the UK.

The device, which is a digital SD tuner, comes with equinuxis digital tuner software, The Tube. Features include:

  • Watch and record TV shows
  • Real-time information of what is playing on each TV channel
  • Export TV shows to an iPod
  • Two year warranty

"The Tube software is built from the ground up in Cocoa, with no legacy issues to slow the performance, it reacts immediately to your commands, specifically to allow you to enjoy live television on your Mac. With The Tube you can automatically search for available channels, watch TV from anywhere and record TV-shows in a very space-saving way," the announcement said.

The system requirements include: a Mac with USB 2.0, a 1.25 GHz G4 or faster, G5 or Intel CPU, and Mac OS X 10.4 or later. The TV Mini Express is available immediately and is priced at US$69.00.

[A question has been raised about whether this product works in the U.S. TV system. We have asked Migila in the U.K. for an official clarification on whether the device works in the U.S. We will update this page when we hear form them.]

[Miglia confirmed on 26 March that the TVMini is a UK only product.]

Miglia TVMini Express