Miglia Intros Software Updates to AlchemyTV DVR, EvolutionTV Hardware

Miglia Technology on Wednesday introduced updates to the software that runs its EvolutionTV and AlchemyTV DVR hardware solutions. EvolutionTV is an external hardware device that enables users to watch and record TV shows on their Macs, while AlchemyTV DVR provides the same functionality through a PCI card. Version 2.4 of the solution that drives both products adds the ability to start a computer at a specified time, record a TV show and then shut down again.

EvolutionTV sells for US$279 and requires a Mac with USB 2.0 connectivity, a G4 800MHz processor, 256MB RAM and Mac OS X v10.3.x or higher. AlchemyTV DVR sells for $159 and requires a G4 or G5 Power Mac with a free PCI slot, a 400MHz G4 processor, 256MB RAM and Mac OS X v10.3 or higher.