Miglia Shipping New Analog/Digital Video Converter

Miglia is now shipping the Directors Cut SCART for Mac users. Directors Cut SCART is a device designed for analog to digital video conversion. The device is FireWire bus powered and features support for both NTSC and PAL video formats. According to Miglia:

Miglia Technology, a global technology solution provider that manufactures, markets and supports a range of own and licensed branded products, has today announced that it has launched the latest version of its award winning analogue/digital video converter Directors Cut SCART.

Simply connect the Directoris Cut to a VCR with the SCART cable and the FireWire cable to your computer and start capturing with a video application such as iMovie, Ulead VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio and many more. Edit your movies and burn them to DVD or export them back to VHS.

The Directoris Cut SCART built-in hardware DV (Digital Video) compressor guarantees a clear and sharp picture with great stereo sound. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Directoris Cut SCART does not need complicated software or hardware settings to work - Video finally made easy!

You can find more information about the Directors Cut SCART release at the Miglia Web site. Directors Cut SCART is available for US$250.00.