Miglia Technology Announces Evolution TV DVR

Miglia Technology announced Tuesday Evolution TV, a fully featured digital video recorder (DVR) for the Mac.

The EvolutionTV (see photo below) comes with fully featured software enabling users to watch and record live TV, schedule recordings, access online TV guides and more. The newest Mac-based DVR has full MPEG-2/4 and DivX recording support.

DivX is a popular video compression technology. At its core, DivX is software that compresses and decompresses video from virtually any source down to a size that is transportable over the Internet without reducing the original videois visual quality. With DivX, a user can compress a VHS tape down to one-hundredth of its original size or a DVD to one-tenth of its size.

Users can record MPEG-4 files and open them directly in Appleis iMovie 5 without having to convert them.

EvolutionTV integrates Decisionmarkis TitanTV Electronic Program Guide directly into the program. Decisionmark is the leading online EPG technology provider in the U.S. EvolutionTV allows a user to schedule recordings days or weeks in advance and even schedule recordings via Appleis iCal calendar application.

The EvolutionTV uses USB 2.0 connectivity and supports both PAL and NTSC video standards. The maximum viewing size of a video file is 720x576 in PAL and 720x480 in NTSC.

EvolutionTV will be shipping worldwide in mid-March and will retail for US$279 and carries a full two year warranty, the company said.

A list of distributors and resellers is available on Migliais website.

Minimum requirements for the Evolution TV are a PowerPC G4/800MHz processor and higher with USB 2.0 connectivity, 256 MB of RAM and Mac OS X 10.3.x and higher.