Miglia Updates Alchemy TV Card With De-Interlacing Option

Miglia Technology has released an update for the Alchemy TV DVR card, bringing it to version 2.1. The Alchemy card is a device designed as a television and radio tuner. The update features several enhancements including new window options and 48 KHz audio support. According to Miglia Technology:

Miglia Technology, a global technology solution provider that manufactures, markets and supports a range of own and licensed branded products, has today announced the availability of a free-of-charge software update for AlchemyTV&Mac250; DVR.

Featuring a high performance Philips tuner and full QuickTime support, AlchemyTV lets you watch TV in full screen mode and listen to FM radio on your PowerMac. Your favourite TV program can even be recorded to your hard drive in the format of your choice.

New features included in Release 2.1:

  • The live TV window is now integrated into AlchemyTV DVR. The DVR package is now made up of a single application
  • 48 KHz audio support for the iG5i version of AlchemyTV DVR
  • A new de-interlacing option is now available in the Preferences menu. Picture quality on fast moving footage is greatly improved
  • New Setup Assistant that guides you through the basic setup of the DVR software and selects the best settings according to the hardware you are running
  • Picture cropping function. This feature enables you to cut the border of the picture to remove "black bars" or artifacts due to closed captioning showing through
  • Presets for the cropping function: TV Set, TV Set Widescreen and Widescreen
  • TV window always on top function
  • TV window transparency level
  • and more...

You can find more information about the Alchemy TV update at the Miglia Technology Web site. The Alchemy TV update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$159.00.