Minesweeper Clone Updated

Norbyte has updated their version of the classic Minesweeper game, Manic Minefields, to version 1.4.2. Manic Minefields allows Mac OS users to play the classic logic puzzle game made popular in Windows 3.x. According to Norbyte:

Norbyte (formerly Addiction Interactive) has released Manic Minefields 1.4.2, a new version of their popular shareware game. The unregistered version lets you play 2 of the 10 different minefields.

Manic Minefields is not just another minesweeper clone. Itis a minesweeper on steroids! Itis really 10 different minesweeper games in one, as it features 10 uniquely designed minefields to choose from.

Each minefield has its own exciting and fun set of cool graphics, sounds, individual highscore tables etc. Some of them have special rules (i.e. obstacles etc.), and some have different ways of displaying the numbers (i.e. dice, Roman digits, foot prints etc.).


  • Registered users no longer have to click on their name when starting Manic Minefields.
  • Misc. optimizations

Manic Minefields is available as shareware for US$7. You can find more information at the Norbyte web site.