Minesweeper Done Mega Style

Carrot Software has updated their tricked out version of the classic puzzle game, Mega Minesweeper, to version 1.6. The latest version includes a number of bug fixes, and includes new "themes" for changing the game board. Mega Minesweeper is also Carbonized to run under OS X Beta. According to Carrot Software:

Carrot Software is pleased to announce the latest release of Mega Minesweeper for the Mac OS. MMS is a modern version of minesweeper that supports extreme fields sizes, plug-in based themes and sounds, the ability to save games, and much more. Version 1.6 incorporates new features, some bug fixes, and even more theme plug-ins. MMS is a carbonized application designed for OS X Public Beta, or OS 8.6/9.x with the CarbonLib 1.1.

Mega Minesweeper is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Carrot Software web site.