Mini Keyboard For Your Palm

TT Tech Limited is now shipping the SnapNType mini-keyboard for use with Handspring Visor. SnapNType is a snap on keyboard that is compatible with all Visor models except Visor Edge. According to TT Tech Limited:

TT Tech Limited, a developer and manufacturer of hardware accessory solutions for the Palm Computing® Platform, announced today that the SnapNType mini-keyboard for the Handspring(tm) Visor(tm) is now available for sale.

SnapNType is a snap-on keyboard that slides in from the bottom of the Handspring Visor. The SnapNType is compact, fully portable and provides a stable and sturdy grip by covering the application buttons as well as part of the screen area normally used for Graffiti input. Except the for Visor Edge, the SnapNType mini-keyboard is compatible with all models of Visor including the two new Visors, Visor Neo and Visor Pro.

The keyboard is also compatible with the Visor Phone and most communication Springboard(tm) modules. Users can easily type and send emails and SMS messages using the keyboard and a communication module together.

You can find more information about SnapNType at the Palm Gear Web site. SnapNType is available for US$39.95