Mireth Tech Updates MacMP3CD With Improved WMA Support

Mireth Technology has released an update for MacMP3CD, bringing it to version 1.2. MacMP3CD is a utility designed for burning MP3is to CD-R media. The update features expanded WMA burning and playing. According to Mireth Technology:

Mireth Technology has launched version 1.2 of MacMP3CD(TM), Macintosh OS X software that allows you to burn and to play MP3 and WMA CDs.

MacMP3CD&Mac226;s burning capability supports features that make MP3 CD creation and re-creation easy. With the burn list feature, you can store the list of what MP3s you burned, so that you can easily re-create a CD, in case the first is lost. Easy navigation of all the folders on your hard drive (including across multiple users), allows you to find and choose from all the MP3s on your computer when building a burn list.

This release adds support for unencrypted WMA burning and playing.

You can find more information about the MacMP3CD update at the Mireth Technology Web site. The MacMP3CD update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$19.95..