Misplaced Decimal Offers 125 GHz PowerMacs At Apple's Home Page

An errant decimal place is offering 125 GHz PowerMacs to some visitors at Appleis home page. The announcement/link for Appleis top of the line dual-processor PowerMac line includes alt-text that says:

Power Mac G4. All dual processors starting at just US$1,699. Dual 125 GHz now shipping.

That text shows up automatically on most Windows browsers when the cursor hovers over the link. Observer DigiDarkroom posted a screen shot to demonstrate:

(Click the image for a larger version)

The PowerMac actually ships at 1.25 GHz on the high end, a difference of some 123.75 GHz. Most Mac browsers do not show this alt-text, which may explain why the gnomes in Cupertino havenit caught it. Reports are that this error has been up since last week. A look at the HTML code for the page confirms the typo:

(Click the image for a larger version)

Thanks to Observers Alex Allee and DigiDarkroom for their assistance with this article.