Mix Up On Apple Store Could Reveal Details On New PowerMacs

Last night, a very interesting piece of information was posted on Appleis online Apple Store. On the companyis PowerMac G4 Web page at the Apple Store, the list of specs for the PowerMac G4 was briefly replaced by a list of specs that are far beyond anything currently offered by the Mac maker. The Apple Store was then taken offline, and when it came back online, the image was replaced with the correct image.

We were sent screen shots by many Observers, alerted by many, many more, and were also able to get our own. The following image is a screen shot from the Apple Store with the specs for a processor labeled as the G5:

Screen shot from Apple Store with G5 information

Note that the border around this image and the image below was added to the screen shot by TMO to make the contents of the screen shot more clearly defined. Note, too, that the title for the page is still labeled "Choose your PowerMac G4," and that the computer pictured is the current G4 model. Each of those elements -- the title, the list of features, and G4 model -- are individual images on Appleis Web site. The element that seems to have slipped early is the list of specs.

Within a few minutes, the description of the current G4is specs was back in place, and currently sits on the Apple Store as of this writing. Our screen shot from the current Apple Store:

Current screen shot from Apple Storeis PowerMac G4 page

Due to the time of day when this happened (late at night), no one was available at Apple to offer comment on this situation. Accordingly, we have no way of knowing if the different information refers to new machines, was a horrible mistake unrelated to any plans Apple has to rev its PowerMac lines, or was merely an attempt by someone at Appleis Web team to let the world knows he or she wants a new job. TMO is continuing its effort to get comment from the company.