Mobile High Speed Enlists Users for Adding More Cell Phones

Nova Media has released ModemTest for Mac, a new companion tool for its Mobile High Speed mobile phone configuration utility that will allow users to help the company add support for more devices in Mobile High Speed.

Mobile High Speed is a configuration utility for setting up your Mac and a cell phone for mobile Internet access. The software currently supports some 90 mobile phones and PC Data cards, including many devices that lack direct support from the mobile networks or cell-phone manufacturers. This means that you donit have to try and find the correct scripts and other esoteric information you would otherwise need to use your mobile phone as an ISP for your Mac.

The company says that ModemTest for Mac can analyze a mobile phone or PC Data card that is connected to a Mac OS X system. A log file is then created that has to be sent to Nova Media (via e-mail) in order for the company to actually do something with the information it contains.

In other words, while this free utility wonit allow you to immediately get support for a new device, it will allow you to help Nova Media add your device to Mobile High Speed more quickly.

ModemTest for Mac is free, and you can find more information and download links at Nova Mediais Web site.