Moby Talks Up iPod In Rolling Stone

Musician Moby has been talking up the iPod again. Already featured in a promo movie shown by Apple, Moby also had some very nice things to say about the iPod in the May issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. From the interview:

Two years ago, I had a meeting with some people from Apple wherein I was singing the praises for iTunes. My only problem with iTunes, I said, was that there wasnit a portable MP3 player that was proprietary for the Mac. They kind of looked at each other with shifty eyes and said, "Well, we shouldnit show this to you, because itis only a prototype, but here it is . . ." and they handed me the first-ever iPod. I couldnit get my hands off of it. Now you canit imagine music any other way. I can be sitting on an airplane and think to myself: "Self, wouldnit you like to listen to the first Roxy Music record?" And there it is. I would have burned out the first four Roxy Music albums on vinyl by now.

You can read the full article at Rolling Stone magazine.