Momentary Glitches: CompUSA Prices Jaguar At US$82,402.02

Mistakes happen, especially in the fast moving world of online retail. CompUSA had a small glitch this weekend, but we think that this is one mistake that customers wonit insist that the company honor. On itis online site, CompUSA was briefly asking US$82,402.02 for a box oi Jaguar, and that wasnit even the family pack. Observer Nik Stanosheck not only noticed, he was quick enough to take a screen shot. Better yet, he sent it to us:

CompUSA wants a pretty penny for Jaguar
(Click on the image for a larger version)

As of this writing, the company was still asking US$199 for the single user version, but the US$83,402.02 price tag had been removed. The family pack with 5-licenses for Jaguar is properly priced at US$199. If you order the software from CompUSA, just make sure that you are getting the right product for the right price.

Thanks to Nik Stanosheck for the heads up and the screen shot.