Mon Dieu! Viva Le Mac!

Observer Morgan Brown, who let us know about our own sighting in the New York Times, also let us know about some cool places in France where the Mac is being used. It seems Franceis post office and telephone monopoly both use Macs for some consumer services. According to Morgan:


iMacs are running wild in France. The French Post Office (La Poste) offers pay as you go internet access via a smart card interface hooked up to an iMac. These iMacs are in many of the post offices around France. They are Rev. A or B units and have the hockey puck mouse.

France Telecom (Ma Bell of France) offers pay as you go Internet service in many of their retail outlets. You simply insert a smart chip phone card, the same ones that can be used in pay phones across the country, and you are off and surfing on a first generation iMac. The same set up can also be found at the entrance of several Monoprix grocery stores around France.

Thanks for the heads up, Morgan! Speaking of France, we have now gotten 1,729 letter from people who have seen the movie The Closet, and spotted the tons of Macs that are in this movie. Itis a great Mac Sighting, and we mentioned it in our August 8th edition of Mac Sightings. Thanks to everyone who wrote in on that one.

If you have of a Mac Sighting, let us know.