Monitor Resolution Enhancement Tool Updated

Just days after its initial release, Griffin Technology has updated their monitor resolution enhancement too, Super Res, to version 1.1. Super Res allows users to set monitors to have higher resolutions and refresh rates than would normally be available from the Apple Monitors control panel. According to Griffin:

Griffin Technology, Inc. today annouced they have released an update to Super Res, a free universal video resolution enabler for the Mac. Version 1.1 of Super Res allows for cycling through available video resolution during startup by holding down a keystroke. With Super Res, users have access to a wider range of video resolutions and refresh rates than may be available with the built in Monitors control panel. It allows users to fine tune their video settings for applications that require specific resolutions or to improve preformance of their systems by allowing higher resolutions or refresh rates.

Super Res has both a Control Panel and a Control Strip component that allows one to choose from nearly 50 different video resolutions on the built in video of current Macs. Super Res enables a much larger range of video resolutions than are normally available. It works with all Macs since the PowerMac 7200 including G3s, G4s, PowerBooks, iMacs, and G4 Cubes.

Super Res is not only free but extremely powerful. It allows one to select resolutions of up to 1920x1440. It also allows the selection of bit depth. It is compatible with the built in video of all Macs as well as most third party video cards. With Super Res you can now access ALL video resolutions supported by your video card or built in video not just the ones limited by your display.

Super Res is available for free. You can find more information at the Griffin Technology web site.