MonkeyByte And CodeBlender Shipping DeepTrouble and CodeBlender Software have released a new app for Mac gamers, DeepTrouble. DeepTrouble is a 3D action game set underwater, where the objest is to defeat alien colonies. The game ships with 10 levels and various weapons. According to

MBD is proud to announce the we are now providing DeepTrouble for the Mac OS X gaming community. In partnership with our friends at CodeBlender Software, is now offering Online registration and CD-ROM versions of this action packed underwater fighting game!

DeepTrouble is a new original game for the Macintosh. Itis a fast paced 3D action game that takes place under water where you are fighting against alien colonies. The game consists of 10 levels with different challenges and types of aliens to overcome. Throughout your mission you collect energy and better weapons that will help you stay alive.

You can find more information about DeepTrouble at the VendorNation Web site. DeepTrouble is available for U$29.95.