MonkeyByte Bring Virutal Pet To Your Desktop

MonkeyByte Development has announced that they are developing a new "virtual pet" for your Macintosh, PetRave: Petey. Petey sits on your desktop and allows you to interact with it while you do your work. Currently in alpha format, MonkeyByte is looking for help in the development process. According to MonkeyByte:

Monkey Byte Development announces the Alpha Release of PetRave: Petey. This new game alpha is designed to provide a fun and interactive virtual friend that anyone can train, feed, love, punish, and provide for. PetRave: Petey allows users to have their virtual pet ever-present on their desktop for instant interaction or long-term care taking. A robust artificial intelligence has been woven together with fun animations to bring your pet to life.

You can find more information, and get your own Petey, at the MonkeyByte Development Web site.