MonkeyByte Offers Free Game Demo CD

MonkeyByte has announced that they are shipping a new CD that includes demo versions of all of their games. Users can try out any of the MonkeyByte titles, and if they like the game, can purchase a registration code from MonkeyByte to unlock the full version of the title. According to MonkeyByte:

Due to the amazing response from our NewsLetter members, has decided to take our FREE Game Demo CD-ROM offer public!

For just shipping and handling, we will send out a FREE demo CD-ROM that contains hours of unlimited gameplay. This CD-ROM is packed solid with all the game demos available from and music samples from our Indie bands. If you enjoy any of the games on this FREE CD, they can be unlocked with a code purchased from the web site (only where applicable)!

You can find more information, including details on how to order the CD, at the MonkeyByte Web site.