MonkeyByte Updates Space Game Galactica Anno Dominari

MonkeyByte has announced an update to Galactica Anno Dominari, the space game of resource management, exploration, and conquest. The company has not specified the changes made in this update. From MonkeyByte: and Sacred Tree Software are excited to announces an updated release version 2.0.9 of Galactica Anno Dominari!

A fun and challenging game of galactic colonization and warfare! Use your superior technology and great fleets of starships to re-unite the surviving factions of the once great human empire!

Game play in Galactica is a matter of building starships, and using those ships to colonize the galaxy, protect your territory, and defeat the other players in combat. Your level of technology is crucial. Higher levels of technology allow your ships to move faster, and give them an advantage in combat over ships with lower tech levels. Your star systems also defend themselves from attacking ships based on their level of technology.

You can find more information on the game at MomkeyByteis Web site. The update is free to registered users, and the full version is priced at US$20.