More Games Than You Can Shake A HyperCard At

Hyperinfo Canada has updated their collection of games and puzzles, HyperGames Centre, to version 3.2. HyperGames Centre includes over 100 neat games and puzzles, including a version of Pac Man to bring out the "retro" in all of us. According to Hyperinfo Canada:

HyperInfo Canada Inc. has posted HyperGames Centre 3.2 for Apple Macintosh. HyperGames Centre is a multimedia application, jam-packed with more than 100 exciting games and useful utilities. Creative games include an acclaimed Pong clone, a Pac-Man clone, animations, music makers, mathematical puzzles, educational quizzes, clocks and calendars, a periodic table game, and much much more.

HyperGames Centre is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Hyperinfo Canada Web site.