More Google Fun: Find Out What Google Thinks Of You

Last month, we brought you the Google Fight, a fantastically Cool Waste of Time that allows you to pit two people, places, concepts, or whatever, against each other to see which one has more Google entries. At the time, Bill Gates was beating Steve Jobs, which unfortunately still seems to be the case. Today, we have another Google-oriented Cool Waste of Time, Googlism. This site allows you to find out what Google "thinks of you, your friends, or anything!"

For instance, when we search for Steve Jobs, we find the following (note that Googlism puts everything in lower case):

steve jobs is simply a fluke"
steve jobs is a big bad
steve jobs is boring and profitable
steve jobs is trying to kill me
steve jobs is an innovation leader in this industry

Note that there is no real way to make sure that the results pertain to the person you are searching for, but all of those seem to actually apply to the CEO of Apple. Bill Gates, on the other hand, yields the following, and somewhat less savory, results:

bill gates is satani page
bill gates is satan conspiracy theory
bill gates is a satanic worshiper who uses microsoft to gain
bill gates is richer than
bill gates is the anti
bill gates is getting
bill gates is the anti christ
bill gates is a theif [sic]

Then again, those results may also be applicable to the one and only Chairman of Microsoft. Moving on to Macintosh:

macintosh is superior to windows and sgi combined
macintosh is as easy as using one
macintosh is a cross
macintosh is the ideal accounting and
macintosh is the rule
macintosh is a us machine downloadables
macintosh is

and the ever-popular:

macintosh is gay


windows is better
windows is a series of mixed metaphors
windows is a bug
windows is schizo too
windows is a lousy operating system
windows is horrendous
windows is really kool

We also did a search for our friend Bob LeVitus, where we find that he is "the working definition of not dull." How appropriate.

If you visit the "Whos is," What is," "Where is," and "When is" links, you will find the top searches for each of those categories. Go check out yourself, and have fun wasting a bit of time.