More Happy Teacher/Kids News From iBooks In The Classroom

A Muncie, Indiana school has stocked one 5th grade class with iBooks, according to, a local newspaper. The school, Burris Laboratory School, has brought in 20 iBooks for Sandra Murrayis 5th grade class. Ms. Murray says the program has been a success. According to the article, the students donit take the laptops home, as opposed to the statewide program in Maine that does allow students to take their iBooks home, but the students are allowed to carry their iBooks around their school with them. From the article:

"Whatis itis making me think a lot more about, is teaching where Iim asking kids a higher level of questions," Murray said.

By using laptops, students work independently, ask questions and research the answers themselves rather than having Murray standing in front of the classroom reciting facts and figures.

"Now, Iim the coach, and thatis really what I need to be," Murray said.

For a year, the students in Murrayis class can use laptops to access Ball State Universityis wireless network. Along with Internet access, they have the use of several types of software including HyperStudio and PowerPoint.

There is more information in the full article at, including an image of a student using an iBooks who bears passing resemblance to Elijah Woodis version of Frodo Baggins.