More Information On iSync Version 1.0 & iCal Version 1.0.1

Apple has updated two articles in the Knowledge Base regarding the updates to both iSync and iCal. Appleis Knowledge Base (sometimes referred to as the KBase) is a central location for all of Appleis support documents and other important information.

We announced the new versions of iSync and iCal yesterday, but at that point, Apple wasnit very forthcoming with lists of changes. The updated Knowledge Base articles help to fill in some of the missing information.

After six months in Public Beta, Apple has updated iSync to version 1.0. iSync 1.0 brings the ability to automatically sync according to a schedule, along with added stability and speed. To sync a Palm device with iSync, you will need Palm Desktop 4.0 and iSync Palm Conduit 1.0. From Apple:

Read Before You Install iSync 1.0

You can use iSync to synchronize your Address Book contacts and iCal calendar and To Do information across Mac OS computers and devices, such as an iSync-compatible Bluetooth mobile phone, a Palm OS device, or an iPod. If you have a .Mac account, you can also use iSync to synchronize information across multiple computers.

Whatis new in iSync 1.0?

iSync 1.0 has several enhancements and improvements over the iSync Public Beta version, including automatic sync scheduling and performance and stability improvements.


iSync 1.0 works on all Macintosh computers running Mac OS X version 10.2.2 (or later) with iCal 1.0.1 installed. You need to store your contact information in Address Book and your calendar information in iCal for iSync 1.0 to work. For more information on Address Book or Mac OS X , visit the Mac OS X website at For more information on iCal, visit

To synchronize two or more computers using the Internet, you need a .Mac membership. For more information, visit

To synchronize the information on your Palm OS device, you need to have the Palm Desktop 4.0 (or later) installed, and install the iSync 1.0 Palm Conduit. For more information, visit

Apple has also give a minor update to iCal, bringing it to version 1.0.1. iCal 1.0.1 brings improvements to speed and stability, while adding improved vCal and Entourage importing support. iCal 1.0.1 requires OS X 10.2.2. From Apple:

Whatis new in iCal 1.0.1?

iCal 1.0.1 provides a number of performance and stability enhancements, and improved support for importing vCal and Entourage information.


iCal 1.0.1 works with all Macintosh computers running Mac OS X version 10.2.2 or later. For more information, visit the Mac OS X website at

To share calendars using the Internet, you need a .Mac account or access to a private WebDAV-enabled server. For more information about publishing your calendar using .Mac, visit the .Mac website at


To send email invitations to iCal events, you need to use the Mail application in Mac OS X version 10.2, and create an address card for yourself and any people you want to invite to events in your Address Book (in the Applications folder). If youire using a different mail application, you cannot send email invitations.

iCal uses a standard specification called "iCalendar" to display, store, and exchange calendar information. iCal also supports the older "vCalendar" standard.

For the latest information about iCal or the devices that work with iSync, visit the iCal website at or the iSync website at

You can find the Knowledge Base article about iSync and iCal at Appleis Web site.