More Jag Support: ProScope Drivers Updated From Dr. Bott

Dr. Bott has announced Jaguar support for the USB powered microscope for the Mac. The hand held ProScope features a 50x lens and light source and is designed for educators or law enforcement in the field. The new drivers bring the latest OS compatibility to the microscope. According to Dr. Bott:

The ProScope(TM) is a handheld USB microscope that connects to almost any PC or Mac computer. Bodelin Distribution, the exclusive distributor of the ProScope(TM), announced today that they have finalized drivers for users of Mac OSX including the new 10.2 "Jaguar"

The ProScope debuted in July 2001 and is now used in thousands of K-12 schools and universities worldwide. Some notable universities include Brandeis, Johns Hopkins, Penn State and Cal Poly. Law enforcement worldwide uses the ProScope(TM) for crime scene and document fraud investigations.

The largest buying group for the ProScope(TM), however, has been the general public. The ProScope(TM) is hours of fun and is rapidly replacing old analog microscopes as the scope of choice due to its flexibility and ability to save images as both single pictures as well as QuickTime(TM) movies.

You can find more information about the ProScope at the Dr. Bott Web site. The ProScope is available for US$229.00.