More MWSF Pictures, Emory iMovieFest Info At MUG Center

The MUG Center has posted more MWSF pictures. If you were unable to attend MWSF this year, these pictures will give you more motivation for attending next year. The MUG Center also takes a closer look at Emory Universityis iMovieFest. According to the MUG Center:

The User Group section of Appleis web site has been updated with a variety of new articles on Macworld Expo San Francisco and User Group University. They include:

  • A summary page of all the events
  • User Group University
  • Macworld User Group Breakfasts
  • The new user group Regional Liaison Team, their FAQ, and how to apply for open positions in
  • Australia and Central Asia.
  • The User Group Lounge
  • User Group Guides

The Macworld Photo Galleries page has been updated with new links, including Spartanburg Macintosh Users Group and Sparky Cohen, User Group Program Manager Diane Cohnis volunteer photographer.

The Apple web site has been updated with the names, photos and bios of the new user group Regional Liaison Team.

Apple has posted a story about iMovie Fest, which was conducted by the the leadership of the Emory University Macintosh User Group. Be sure to check out both the story and the iMovies on the site.

The 26th Annual Trenton Computer Festival will be held on May 5 & 6 in Edison N.J., and will feature a User Group Officersi Conference. Topics will include fundraising, speaker acquisition and membership improvement. More information, including advance discount tickets, is available on The MUG Event Calendar.

The Florida Association Of Computer User Groups (FACUG) will hold their Spring Conference on March 2 - 4 in Kissimmee FL. The conference is open to UG leaders of all platforms, and Apple is sponsoring a breakfast presentation.

You can find all of this and more at the MUG Center Web site.