More Math Tutoring From Fast Rabbit

Fast Rabbit Software is now shipping Master Math Word Problems for educators. Master Math Word Problems is a tutoring app designed for teaching students how to identify and work through math word problems. The app features on-screen tips and three practice modes. According to Fast Rabbit Software:

Master Math Word Problems is an easy to use program to aide students in learning to identify key words that identify mathematical operations and work through mathematical word problems.

Word problems are considered important because they take math into the real world. Unfortunately solving word problems is one of the areas where students have the most difficulties in elementary math. Master Math Word Problems helps students develop word problem skills through practice.

It features optional on screen tips and three practice modes. Results of each round as well as missed questions may be printed with student name and time/date stamp.

You can find more information about the Master Math Word Problems release at the Fast Rabbit Software Web site. Master Math Word Problems 1.0 is available for US$12.95.