More OS X Books Than You Can Shake A Stick At

The world’s most advanced operating system.

Cover copy on box containing OS X

What is a “Users” folder? Where’s the Chooser? Why did Apple make my Apple Menu, uh, not an Apple Menu? Why did Apple build OS X on top of Unix? What in the world is Unix? What is the history of Unix? And why should I care?

By now, many of you have probably been asking these and many other questions. In spite of Apple’s information campaign, many of you still may have more questions than answers about the “next generation” operating system. Since Apple, and the rest of the industry, is getting skimpy on the user manuals, we must turn to the cottage industry for answers.

Based on advance notes from places like Barnes & Noble, a veritable onslaught of OS X books looms on the horizon. Here’s a quick sampling, in no particular order, of what you can expect on store bookshelves between now and the end of summer (many books are not shipping yet; retail prices may vary from those listed here):

And in case youire wondering, there were more books that the ones listed above. We just wanted to point out that, in response to the voiced and unvoiced requests from readers for advice on OS X, rest assured that you will have more than an adequate supply of instruction on Unix, Aqua and everything else in between.