More OS X Icons Available has released an OS X version of their popular Spiffy Apps icon set. Now is the standard Mac OS X 128x128 format, Spiffy Apps features special, high quality icons for many of todayis favorite applications, including Dreamweaver, iMovie, Flash, and VPC. According to

One of the most popular sets at is back! The icons in the original Spiffy Apps set have been remade (in some cases from scratch) to support the 128x128 format of Mac OS X. Some of them are a little different this time around, the better to blend in with your OS X desktop. In this set youill find cool 32-bit replacements for the icons of popular applications.

If youire not running Mac OS X DP4, fear not. You can download the Mac OS X version of the set and it will work just fine in Mac OS 8.5 or newer; you just wonit see the full-size icons until you upgrade. You can also check out these screenshots to get a preview of our OS X icons:

Spiffy Apps II will be re-released next week, and you can look for Spiffy Apps IV in early September. With nearly 300 new-format icons posted since February.

You can find the full icon sets, and more information, at the web site.