More OS X Icons Available has released a new icon set for OS X, Spiffy Apps II. Spiffy Apps II includes a series of replacement icons for many of your most popular applications, all designed in the beautiful 128x128 size of Appleis forthcoming OS X. According to

Spiffy Apps II is one of the most popular sets at; it has cool 32-bit replacement icons for the likes of Final Cut, Dreamweaver, Anarchie/Interarchy, Virtual PC and more. In preparation for Mac OS X, weive gone through and remade the icon set (almost from scratch) to not only support the new format but also fit in well with the Aqua visual theme.

Several new twists have been added for the Mac OS X version of the set, so even if youire not running the new OS yet you can download it and see the 32x32 versions. Or you can look at these screenshots to see what our OS X work looks like in action:

Now that weive re-released most of our older sets in Mac OS X format, weire preparing several new sets to follow the release of the Public Beta next month. Stay tuned!

You can find these icons sets, and others, at the web site.