More OS X Lists Than You Can Shake A Kernel Panic At

The increasing popularity of OS X has left many users longing for information about certain aspects of the system. It has long been known that fellow user of any application or piece of hardware are likely the best source for hard-to-find information, which is why Web forums and mailing lists are so popular. With that said, OS X users now have a gaggle of OS X related mailing lists to choose from, presented by Eric Prentice, a.ka., The Macintosh Guy. According to Mr. Prentice:

Since the introduction of Mac OS X our list has been a busy place. Weive seen over 8000 individual messages to the list for an amazing 12 million messages through the list in the last 40 days since Mac OS X was released. Were currently averaging about 125 messages a day and shows no sign of slowing. Were really excited about the great discussions and community that we are building but it is time to diversify.

Today we are adding 5 new lists to help segment the list traffic so you will have a better chance of getting the information you want in the form you want it.

You can find subscription information at:

  • X4Users - (Our current list with a renewed focus on real life issues with Mac OS X)
  • X-Newbies - (For installation, setup, basic finder use, etc.)
  • X-Unix - (For the Unix side of things including the command line)
  • X-Servers - (For anything server related internal or third party) &
  • X-Apps - (For anything related to programs that run on Mac OS X including those that come with Mac OS X like Mail)
  • X-Hardware - (For hardware related issues like drivers, computers, support of Intel hardware, etc.)
  • X-Dreams - (For discussing the future of Mac OS X)

If you would like to join ALL the Mac OS X lists use one of the email addresses below, to join a list at a time visit the URL at the top of this email.

You can find more information about all of the lists at The Macintosh Guy Web site.