More Penguins Peek At OS X

Doc Searls and Brent Simmons of the Linux Journal recently took a TiBook loaded with OS X around the track for a few spins. The two Linuxheads liked what they saw, and had some very positive things to say. From their article:

...OS X gives us the first popular desktop OS that fits into a prevailing Linux environment and also into the prevailing marketplace. On the bottom, itis UNIX. On the top, it runs Microsoft Office and the whole Adobe suite. This has its appeals.

Searls and Simmons discuss the merits of OS X in a Linux environment, then ran OS X on a TiBook. They said:

Then last week we put OS X on a Titanium laptop. It blew our minds.

When we plug in a second monitor (or a projector), the OS autodetects it, then lets us decide whether to make it mirror the laptop screen or operate as a contiguous extension anywhere on all four sides. When we plug in a FireWire drive or a USB storage device (such as a camcorder, an MP3 player or a digital camera), the device shows up on the desktop, in the appropriate applications and in the directory. When we soft-eject the FireWire drive, it goes away, unless something requiring it is in use--in which case the OS gives me a warning or a rebuke, never a crash.

The Linux Journal article, titled A penguinis-eye look at Appleis OS X, is a great read.