More Pics: The Line, The Mall, The People, The Store, The Macs

[Editoris Note: This marks the third of three image galleries from this weekendis Apple Store opening at The Mall of America. This series was taken by Randy Hanson.]

In addition to his article describing the inside of The Apple Store in The Mall of America, Randy Hanson took what will be our third series of pictures of the event. Randy includes more images of the outside of the store, the waiting lines, the Macs inside the store, the people in attendance, and even some of the merchandising props in the store:

Waiting, to follow the worms..

Bright and early in front of the store

More from upstairs

The crowd grows

The line stretched some 600 miles, or so we were told by the people at the back...

The Mac To School promotional offer

The G4 Pro Create display

Ready to open!

Filing in

Peaking inside through the window

Peaking inside through the door



BINGO!!!!!! Inside the new Apple Store!

The iBook Display

Handhelds & Peripherals

There are always some older "kids" in this section for some reason...

The iTunes visualization in the presentation area

A great shot of the Mac Genius Bar

Past the iBook lies the software

PowerBooks and other gadgets

Mac Games, Baby!

DV Editing With iMovie

Lines inside too

A close up of the section labels inside the store

A crowd shot with the section labels

Just the crowd