More Products From NAB: Bella Corp Releases New Editing Keyboards

Bella Corporation has debuted 3 new keyboards from NAB, the EZ keyboard series and the DV Optima series. The keyboards are dedicated keyboards designed for editing environments. The keyboards configs feature integrated jog/shuttle controllers and color coded keycaps for simplified editing control. According to Bella Corporation:

Bella Corporation, a leading supplier of video solutions, today announced pricing and availability of its new series of keyboards with integrated editing technology for professionals and the growing consumer market.

The new series of keyboards consist of three levels of keyboards: The DV Keyboard Optima Series, the EZ Keyboard Elite Series, and the EZ Keyboard Professional Series. Each series addresses the unique needs of editors from consumers and hobbyists all the way to professional users.

EZ Keyboard Professional Series:

The Professional Series keyboard is designed for the professional editor and delivers exceptional features, speed and flexibility. Color and icon-coded keycaps are standard and, for the first time, a jog/shuttle controller has been built into the keyboard.

EZ Keyboard Elite Series:

The Elite Series keyboard delivers features, speed and flexibility at an affordable price. The famous color and icon-coded keycaps help editors navigate their applications more quickly and efficiently, while the programmable scroll wheel will enhance any application.

The DV Keyboard Optima Series:

With the advent of the growing consumer market for video editing, Bella introduced the Optima Keyboard. Based on the same technology the professionals use, the Optima also has a built-in jog/shuttle controller and Specialty Keys of the Professional Series.

You can find more information about the new keyboards at the Bella Corporation Web site. The EZ Pro is available for US$169.95, the EZ Elite is US$129.95, and the DV Optima is available for US$99.95.