More Reading Enjoyment: New Issue Of ATPM Available

A new issue of About This Particular Macintosh is available for your consumption. The latest issue looks at the tenuous future of the Cube, pen based input devices, Macs in Hollywood, and more. According to ATPM:

Apple Cider: Cube Down the Tube? - Tom Iovino ponders if we have seen the last of the Power Mac G4 Cube.

"Apparently, I wasnit the only person to question the niche Apple was attempting to fill with the Cube. David Vogler, a vice president with Nickelodeon Online, said at last yearis Macworld Expo that he liked the Cube but wondered where it would fit into Appleis product line. iIim not quite sure who the audience is,i he said."

Beyond the Barline: Indeterminacy - David Ozab explores grad school, music teaching, and the RIAA.

"In several past articles, I have criticized the RIAA (Recording Industry of America) for their self-serving and ultimately hypocritical defense of copyright law. The most recent case involves a Princeton professor, Edward Felten, who has conducted research on digital encryption schemes."

Hollywood: Where Are the Macintoshes? - Mike Shields trots off to the annual Showbiz Expo.

"Yet Apple was nowhere to be seen. Sure, there was the random iMac here and there to take point of sale info. The Final Draft and Screenplay Systems booths had mostly Macs although Screenplay hasnit yet decided whether or not to port their latest and greatest, Story View, to the Mac as of this writing."

My Apple Wedge: With the Stroke of a Pen - Dierk Seeburg explores the Wacom Graphire and other products.

"After using the Graphire pen for a few days Iim using it almost exclusively in place of the mouse. I use it for navigation around the graphical user interface, drawing and painting, and to initiate actions in conjunction with Sensiva. I find that I can navigate the user interface better using the Graphire pen."

You can find all of these columns, and more, at the About This Particular Macintosh Web site.