More WWDC Rumors

The rumors surrounding Steve Jobsi keynote presentation at next weekis World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) are growing and spreading by the minute, and now DVD Newsroom claims to have in insider interview [Edit: The link to the article will not work unless clicked on from the siteis home page - Editor] with an Apple employee willing to spill the beans on Mondayis big event. Hereis the quick rundown:

  • No iPhone announcement, but Apple is exploring its options.
  • The Mac Pro will be announced, but wonit ship until October or November.
  • Blu-ray support will be announced, but the drives wonit be included in Macs until next year.

The article also discusses Appleis plans for new Cinema displays, iChat, new iPods, tablet Macs, and more.

Keep in mind that TMO canit confirm the authenticity of any information in the article, so weill all have to wait until Monday to see what Apple really announces.

[Thanks to Engadget for the heads up.]