More Web Site Authoring For OS X

PineHill Products has released an update for CreativePage, bringing it to version 2.9. CreativePage 2.9 is a Web authoring tool for use on Mac OS and OS X platforms. The update has some new features and bug fixes. According to PineHill Products:

PineHill Products releases CreativePage 2.8, the powerful and customizable web site creation package for the Mac OS and Mac OS X operating systems.

CreativePage 2.8 is a powerful web site creation tool, letting you create and edit professional web pages with ease using the versatile HTML features and assistants.

With CreativePage, you can be creating a professional web site in minutes with all of the built in assistants, formatting tools, and other features. Even with the high demands of today, CreativePage is definitely the tool of choice for anyone dealing with HTML or web site authoring.

Key Features of CreativePage 2.9:

  • New formatting tool which saves time, and is easy to use
  • Choose the browser you wish to preview your page in preferences
  • Saves all window locations including the editor window
  • Numerous bug fixes including HTML syntax color fix and more
  • Much, much more!

You can find more information about CreativePage 2.9 at the PineHill Products Web site. CreativePage 2.9 is available for US$25.95.