Mossberg: Lenovo X300 Has More Features than MacBook Air, Less Sexy

The grand poobah of tech journalists, Walt Mossberg, has spoken: Lenovois subnotebook ThinkPad X300 has more features than Appleis MacBook Air, but the Air is the sexier and thinner of the two models. This pronouncement comes in Mr. Mossbergis full review of the X300 for the Wall Street Journal, which also serves as a direct comparison to the Air.

In his review, he added that Mac OS X is a better operating system than Windows XP or Vista, and that the bundled software included with the Air is better than its Windows counterparts. Oh, and the Air is thinner, cheaper, and weighs less.

Despite the above caveats, Mr. Mossberg concluded that the Lenovo X300 is a "notable engineering accomplishment," in part because the Chinese company managed to fit a DVD drive, an Ethernet port, more USB ports, a replaceable battery, and a cell phone modem inside the unit.

Accordingly, Mr. Mossberg told his readers that, "If youire happy with Windows, can afford the price tag, and value the many ports and connectivity options Lenovo has packed in, the thin and rugged X300 is a great choice."

Implied would be that if those things arenit true, then the Air is a better choice. We should also point out once again that Apple is getting the nod on price, something that used to never happen.

The above link is a permanent link to the review, which requires a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. You can access the review for free on Mr. Mossbergis home page until he writes a new column.