Mossberg Loathes Plethora of PC Craplets

Buying a new computer should be a pleasure, aside from configuring user options and transferring files. However, the boatload of adware and trialware on a new Vista PC, craplets, was a severe annoyance, according to Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal on Thursday [Subscription required].

Setting up the desktop and playing with the cool features of a new Sony PC should be part of the fun of a new computer. "But as I discovered recently, often what youire forced to do instead is spend several hours as a digital maintenance man wading through annoying and confusing chores," Mr. Mossberg complained.

The plethora of teaser products and ads must first be cleared, and Vista doesnit make the job significantly easier than XP. Added to that is the very long boot up times, several minutes, during which unwanted things seem to be going on. Contrasting to a new Apple MacBook, Mr. Mossberg noted that his cold start time was 29 seconds.

Sony is not the sole culprit. It happens on any new PC.

"The problem is lack of respect for the consumer," Mr. Mossberg wrote. "The manufacturers donit act as if the computer belongs to you. They act as if itis a billboard for restricted trial versions of software and ads for Websites and services..."

Accordingly, this software is called craplets, and the result is a lot of out-of-the-box annoyance. "The first day of owning an expensive new gadget should be a pleasure, not a hassle," Mr. Mossberg concluded.