Mossberg Looks At A Riot, But Nods To iPod

Wall Street Journalis, Walter Mossberg, has compared the iPod to a newcomer, the Rio Riot, and given his editorial nod to the iPod.

While the Riot has the advantage over the iPod in capacity, Mr. Mossberg points out, and it works out of the box on both Macs and Windows systems, there were several big negatives which dulls the shine in the new MP3 player from SonicBlue. As Mr. Mossberg concludes:

...if you have a Mac, or a Windows machine with a 1394 port, I suggest you get an iPod, or wait for the official Windows version of the iPod. If you only have a USB port, and donit mind lugging around a large device, or really need to carry 5,000 songs, the Riot is OK -- provided its maker fixes its problems.

Walter Mossbergis Personal Technology column can be found in the online version of the Wall Street Journal.