Mossberg: iPod Photo a Winner, But Pricey

Walt Mossberg, columnist for The Wall Street Journal, writes in his Wednesday column the recently introduced iPod Photo is "just as easy, and satisfying, to use with photos as it is with music. Itis a winner, if a little pricey."

Mr. Mossberg compared the iPod Photo to the 20 gigabyte (GB) iRiver H320, saying the latter is "complicated and clumsy, designed by techies for techies."

"(The iRiver H320) doesnit begin to compare to the iPod Photo," he wrote. "Physically, itis about the same size as the iPod, though slightly thicker, but thatis where the similarities end. The H320is nine buttons frustrated us right away because they donit include a scrolling device like Appleis wheel that would have helped us move through long lists of songs or pictures within the playeris vast hard disk."

Mr. Mossberg concluded that he couldnit recommend the iRiver player, but that the iPod Photo was "a great choice for storing and sharing digital photos. We just hope it comes down in price," he wrote.