Motion Picture Academy Invites Steve Jobs to Join

Dennis Sellers at Macsimum News is reporting that Steve Jobs was one of the 112 artists and executives recently invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Mr. Jobs is CEO of Pixar as well as Apple, although the Academy did not say which role won him the invitation, nor did the organization indicate if he has accepted it. Heis joined by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen, according to the list on the Academyis Web site, as well as a variety of other movie industry executives, producers, writers, editors and more.

Current Academy members propose new candidates for membership, with committees from the organizationis 14 branches deciding whether or not to extend invitations to them. Individuals nominated for Academy Awards are automatically considered for membership, but theyire not guaranteed an invitation. The Academy recently made a change last year that limits growth by 30 new members annually. Even if all 112 invitees become members, vacancies created by deaths and retirements will actually shrink membership compared to last year. New members will be inducted on Sept. 12.