Motley Fool: Enterprise Noticing That OS X, Linux Are MS Alternatives

Alyce Lomax of The Motley Fool says that corporations are beginning to take notice of Mac OS X and Linux, and that some are beginning to realize that both OSes are alternatives to Windows. She points to todayis news that AT&T is considering replacing Windows with Mac OS X as a prime example of Appleis growing credibility in the corporate world. From the article:

If todayis news says anything at all, though, itis that corporations are becoming aware that there are alternatives to Windows, as well as reasons to consider them (and that Linux and Apple have come a long way and are now alternatives to those other than fanatics, geeks, and hobbyists). And when there are viable, compatible options, and some questions about the status quo solution, indeed, it would be remiss for corporations to ignore them. Apple investors, as well as the variety of corporations betting on Linux, may have some reason for cautious optimism.  

There is much more in the full article at The Motley Fool, and we recommend it as a good read.