Motley Fool: 'Little Chance' LifeDrive Will Unseat iPod

Writing for The Motley Fool, Tim Beyers remarks that even though palmOne has the iPod in its sights with the release of its new LifeDrive, "thereis little chance that [it] will displace the iPod or my PowerBook. But I canit blame the company for trying." Of more relevance, says Beyers, is the fact that palmOne no longer rules the PDA market, having lost the number one spot to rival Research in Motion according to Gartneris latest results. "The LifeDrive is its first attempt to regain the title of king of the PDA hill," writes Beyers.

Of course, this being The Motley Fool, Beyers also addresses palmOneis stock, which he says is still worth buying. He concludes: "Letis chalk up the LifeDrive to what it is: a cool gadget that neednit distract investors. Itis the Treo -- and really, only the Treo -- thatis worth watching."

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