Interviews Filmmakers On Use Of Prime Adapter And Sony HD has posted an interview with filmmakers Ryan Harper and Josh Jaggars on their use of the P+S Technik 35mm adapter and the Sony HDW-F900 CineAlta High-Definition camera. The P+S Technik 35mm is an adapter designed for attaching professional prime film lenses to digital cameras providing greater flexibility with depth of field and film-like imaging. From the interview:

While there are still staunch advocates on both sides of the film vs. digital debate who refuse to see much common ground, few moviemakers are promoting the benefits of both mediums as effectively as director Ryan Harper and producer Josh Jaggars. Their latest film, 30 Miles, is the first HD feature to make use of the P+S Technik 35mm adapter. Don?t mistake this move for ?film-envy? however. A 35mm blow-up doesn?t even exist. The two moviemakers have been screening the film digitally at festivals and events across the country, helping to show audiences what the future holds for their viewing pleasure.

Harper and Jaggars spoke with MM about their decision to go digital, how they chose the Sony HDW-F900 camera, and how two motion picture mediums can wholly complement one another.

You can find read the full interview at the MovieMaker Web site.