Moving iTunes Music Store To Windows Faces Obstacles & Challenges

As a nice follow up to the AP saying that itis too bad that Windows users have to wait for the iTunes Music Store, the Toronto Star has published a piece today that says there are many obstacles and challenges facing Apple in making that move. The article quotes record execs from several companies who expressed various levels of concerns about electronic distribution on Windows. These concerns include security issues with Windows, the desire to see stricter DRM controls over the files, and the attitude that the Mac version is just a test to begin with. From the article:

Major labels, for example, are expressing concern that iTunes isnit secure enough for PC distribution.

Consumers purchasing music through the iTunes Music Store for the Mac can play their music on up to three computers, synch their collections with every iPod they own, burn unlimited CDs of individual songs, and burn unchanged playlists up to 10 times each.

Some executives want to see greater control over how many times a copy can be made or synched to another computer before making iTunes available for Windows.

While two majors have signed wholesale agreements with Apple for a Windows product, according to sources, others are reserving judgment, terming the Mac version of iTunes "an experiment."

"We wouldnit have rolled this out wide to the PC market," a leading new-media executive at one major label says. "We would have been a lot more judicious about it."

Thereis more information in the full article at the Toronto Star.